Hello! Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Mikhail Quijano, and I'm just your regular full-time advertising creative director (go #TeamBBX!) by day,  a leather entrepreneur (WOLFE+HUNTR), plant nerd and doggie dad, and LGBTQI+ advocate (at Metro Manila Pride)–and fitness and movement is a passion I just somewhat stumbled upon. 

From growing up feeling awkward about my body, I really kind of found myself totally into fitness and movement through calisthenics, sometime in 2016.

From then on, I took a certification course as a Certified Fitness Instructor through FEA - Fitness  Edutraining Asia in 2018, and  L1 Animal Flow Certification in 2019. 

The goal, really, is to share what I know about fitness, movement, and mindfulness. #WeAreShapeshifters actually started as a hand-made art and athleisure inspired streetwear brand–an outlet for my creativity–that grew into a way of keeping track of my own fitness. I've always been inspired by the idea of understanding the magic of my own body, the way shapeshifters could explore their own, turning themselves into whatever they wish.


Hopefully, #WeAreShapeshifters can be your way to do this, too! I'd love to join you in your journey to feeling more comfortable in your own skin, moving in the best way you can.