I've always been Inspired by the idea of getting in touch with our bodies and understanding its power. #WEARESHAPESHIFTERS has been my way of keeping track of my own fitness journey–which I now want to share through bodyweight-based movement and fitness classes. At We Are Shapeshifter classes,  I play around with a lot of bodyweight exercises, calisthenics-based drills, and Animal Flow® for movement, mobility, and strength training, as well as mindfulness.

All sessions are beginner-friendly! Feel free to move and do reps at your own pace–you will be assisted through each of the phases, so there's no need to worry about being inflexible or weak! 

Sessions come with a serving of Diet Diva green coffee for our pre-workout,
and WheylCo Mighty Matcha whey protein after!



  • Wear comfy clothes and bring extra. We'll be working out barefoot, unless specified.

  • Bring a tumbler and a lot of water! Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

  • If you have sensitive knees, wearing a pair of kneepads will be okay!

  • To help you prep for class, try these drills here!

  • Class fee: PHP500 (pay at end of class)

For any questions, send a message to @WeAreShapeshifters on IG or 09985713285.

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