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Hello! My name is Mikhail of We Are Shapeshifters. I'm sure you're curious: How did WE ARE SHAPESHIFTERS begin?


WE ARE SHAPESHIFTERS began with the desire to get comfortable in my own body. I first started a getting into fitness through traditional gyms, but all the bulky machines and its general crowded environment didn’t make me feel comfortable. This is where I started exploring other forms of fitness, receiving my Fitness Coaching certification from FEA - Fitness Edutraining Asia (2018).


As I continued to learn and practice, I was introduced to MOVEMENT CULTURE and CALISTHENICS, and falling in love with it.

In 2019, I took an L1 Global Certification for Animal Flow, a bodyweight movement system that fuses ARTISTIC EXPRESSION and WELLNESS; and combines various disciplines like capoeira, breakdance, pilates, yoga, and dance. Since then, I started teaching pop-up classes in an effort to share–and continue to learn–about movement and mindfulness.

WE ARE SHAPESHIFTERS STUDIO is my way of sharing the practice of movement and flow in a simple little space, with a focus on queer advocacy.

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