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Mobility Drills!

Some folks often express a little worry about having flexibility problems before going to class.

The thing about Animal Flow and the movement culture is that it's ALL GOOD! We all start somewhere, and we do have movement biases––but it shouldn't be a hindrance to practicing. In fact, it should be a good motivator to note on points of improvement.

The #WeAreShapeshifters classes I hold involve a lot of mobility warmups, drills, games and activations. As a little prep for class, I put together some of my own favorite pre-workout drills in the video below! Try to do a good 8 to 10 reps of these, for at least 3 sets. Keep the movements as slow and controlled as possible, noting any difficulties that you feel.

DRILL 1: Shoulder mobility in “ape” squat

DRILL 2: Wrist drills (3 vids) to prep for work on all fours

DRILL 3: Two movement exercises on all fours for “beast”

DRILL 4: Two seated hip and leg drills to ease into “crab”


1) BREATHE through the movements! Don’t hold your breath as you move. Exhale as you exert effort.

2) Always keep your core engaged—bellybutton drawn into spine, butt slightly clenched. Learning to activate your core will do WONDERS for your movement practice!

3) Don’t be shy to regress the drills! If your squat isn’t too deep because of tight hips or hams, sit on a low stool. Find a wall or table to plant your hands on for the wrist drills. Go for less reps with more control, if needed.

See you in class!

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